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Lip Augmentation

For defined, plumper and more hydrated lips

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Lip Enhancement

Define, volumise and hydrate your lips with our hyaluronic lip fillers We apply a topical anaesthetic (cream) to ensure maximum comfort throughout. Our aim is to achieve naturally proportioned, age-appropriate results that compliment your face and improve your self-esteem.

Treatment - 1 hour

0.5ml - £130

1ml - £200

We are proud to use Stylage by Vivacy as the dermal filler of choice, which is a Hyaloronic Acid filler and is available in 0.5ml,0.7ml or 1ml volumes. This will be discussed in a consultation prior to any treatment. 


Vivacy is a Paris based hyaluronic acid specialist manufacturer and is a market leader worldwide. The Stylage range of products is excellent, of the highest quality and its safety record is exemplary. There are products specifically designed for the upper and lower face as well as the lips to give a beautiful combination of shape, volume, contour and hydration.


The effects of this treatment are not permanent as the body will begin to break down the filler, results usually last between 6-18 months depending on personal factors. Maintenance injections can be provided in this timeframe or before to ensure desired shape and volume. 

Full aftercare advice is provided to clients on the day of consultation/treatment.  

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Dermal Filler Dissolving

Dissolving dermal fillers is a process that involves injecting hyaluronidase into the dermal filler area. This is an enzyme that can dissolve hyaluronic acid quickly and effectively. There are a number of common reasons why people opt to have their dermal fillers dissolved, these reasons include:

  • Overfilled

  • The filler has moved or spread to other areas

  • Lumps and unevenness of dermal filler result

  • Asymmetrical result

  • Allergic reaction: swelling

  • Late reaction: swelling lump at the filler area months after the filler has been injected

  • Infection

We use prescription medication to dissolve dermal fillers.  A complimentary patch test is required to ensure there are no signs of allergyAny concerns and questions will be discussed with you during your complimentary consultation. 



VIVACY celebrate the launch of their latest lip filler, STYLAGE® Lips Plus, targeted at patients who desire a voluminous yet still natural-looking result.

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The before and after photos are the best to remind you just how bad those lines were! I am thrilled and will definitely be using Caroline going forward.


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